“I had to "unlearn" 30 years’ worth of cycling in order to learn a big lesson today. If you want to learn something about someone else, read stuff, if you want to learn something about yourself, get a good coach!”

Louise Hamilton; powered by Mountain Goat Coaching and "Loving it!"

Mountain Goat Coaching is run by Dan Small, providing tailor-made performance coaching for cyclists and triathletes, with a philosophy of focussing on each individual’s needs and helping all clients to develop using the training methods most appropriate to them. Mountain Goat Coaching is one of the first coaching companies in the world to use DNA profiling to maximise the effectiveness of every client’s training. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 years old or 65, have a busy job with only a few hours spare a week, or an elite athlete training full time, you will be supported to achieve your goals using the most effective strategy for you. See what Dan's clients have to say.