Rider Profile Data Collection Process

All the information you require to complete the data collection process is included in your Data Collection Kit which you will receive by post. The process consists of 4 elements. All 4 elements can be completed at a time most convenient for you, making the Biometric Performance Programme as accessible as possible.

  1.  DNA Test: Your Biometric Performance Programme Data Collection kit includes a DNA testing kit. A simple cheek swab is used to collect your DNA which in turn reveals your genetic profile. The information revealed tells us which training methods you will respond best to, how much recovery time you need to get the best out yourself, whether you are prone to soft tissue injuries and the amount of work needed to develop a high endurance capacity. All this information is vital when planning a training programme specifically for you.
  2.  Physical Testing Sessions: You complete 2 power and heart rate testing sessions. These sessions can be completed on any Wattbike with a USB port or alternatively, if you have a power meter on your own bike, using your bike and indoor trainer. A USB stick is included within your data collection kit to record all of your test information. A step-by-step guide will take you through the whole process.
  3.  Consultation and Psychometric Analysis: Your welcome letter will include log in details to access your online consultation. There are a number of chapters within the consultation which will be used to capture information on your lifestyle and nutrition, your specific goals, the specific events you are training for, your commitments that impact on your training and a psychometric analysis to understand your motivational dynamics.
  4.  Consent: You will be required to complete consent forms for your genetic profile to be read from your DNA and for your participation in testing and training as part of your Biometric Performance Programme (if you choose to take out a full training programme).

Once your data collection kit has been returned to us we will start processing all of the information. Meanwhile, your DNA swab will be sent to the lab for testing. On receipt of your DNA results, your Rider Profile will be written using all the information captured by the physical, online and DNA tests. Due to the bespoke nature of the Biometric Performance Programme, Rider Profile Reports can take up to 30 days to be delivered following receipt of all your personal information.

Scientific Evidence Behind the DNA Testing

We undertake the genetic element of our data collection process with DNAfit. The DNA test looks at a panel of 45 genes. Every gene in the panel must have had multiple independent and peer reviewed research studies performed on the relationship between the particular gene and athletic performance or nutrition response. Knowing which version of each of the test genes you possess combined with the weight of scientific evidence behind each gene enables us to build up a picture of how your genetic profile influences your individual training and nutrition response levels.

The Complete Picture

Your genetic profile does however only present part of the picture (what you were born with). This must be considered alongside external environmental factors which all influence who you are today.

So in addition to DNA testing, our data collection process also uncovers physiological, psychological, nutrition and lifestyle information. All of this information is unique to you and understanding how all the factors fit together and influence each other is key to the development of every Rider Profile report we produce.

Everyone has different goals, and every different type of event or goal has different physical requirements. There are numerous ways to achieve each physical requirement for a specific event but by using your most responsive training methods gives you the best possible chance of achieving your goals. Nature and Nurture truly is a powerful combination.