DNAfit Fitness Diet Pro Test + Free 1-hour Consultation


  • DNAFit Fitness Diet Pro Test and Report.
  • Free 1-hour Phone Consultation to talk you through your results and what they mean for you.

Your DNAFit report will include:   Power and Endurance Responses, VO2 Max Trainability, Injury Predisposition, Recovery Speed Profile, Optimal Diet Type, Carbohydrate Response, Fat Response, Detoxification Ability, Cruciferous Vegetable Need, Anti-Oxidant, Omega-3, Vitamin B & Vitamin D Need, Salt Sensitivity, Caffeine & Alcohol Metabolism, Lactose Intolerance, Coeliac Predisposition and a 12-week Recommended Recipe Guide.

How can I use my DNA results to make my training more effective?

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Customer Reviews
Lou H
As a biologist I was keen to see the results from my DNA test. It threw up some surprises and confirmed some things I suspected. The info was really useful and we immediately changed my training and I saw effects rapidly - no wasted time! It seems expensive but this info is absolute, my genes won't change so no retests required. Would recommend.
Norm Hughes
Reduces the trial and error for finding not only the best food /nutrition intake,,but also the best approach for training and recovery.In my case the cost was well worth the boost to my performance level in the time i had leading up to the event.which was my goal.
Jim Pyrah
Really interesting test. Confirms things I thought I knew (slow recoverer for example) but had no real way of otherwise demonstrating. Diet tips also super handy, as I now know what supplements are really of benefit. Might seem expensive but lets face it, nothing compared to those nice carbon rims....and actually might do more for your performance!
Mike Coward
Super interesting test to do which highlights your personal strengths and weaknesses which sometimes aren't clear through trial and error. If you want to improve your performance it's an investment that could make a big difference!
Graham Tibbot
Without these test results it would have taken considerable trial and error to find that i am strongly biased towards making gains from endurance training. This will make a significant difference to my training regime straight away: when coupled with the nutritional analysis this will see me getting the best out of my time available for training.

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