Online Personal Training Plan Package

£59 PER MONTH (£89 for Triathlon)


Is the Online Personal Training Plan Package for You?

This package is for people who want to improve their performance but might not be sure if they want the accountability of working closely with a coach. This is also suitable for people who just want a highly personalised training programme which fits in with their specific goals and lifestyle, but who are happy to just get on with it, without regular communication with a coach. 

This is a personal training plan package, not a personal coaching package.  If you are looking for coaching support then see the coaching packages here.

THE Online personal Training plan PACKAGE INCLUDES:

  • Initial online consultation with follow up emails as required.
  • Personal training programme.
  • Guidance on how to complete self guided baseline test session.
  • Individually prescribed power targets for each session based on your FTP (Functional Threshold Power). If you don't have a power meter, Heart Rate and Perceived Effort targets will be provided.
  • Warm up routines.
  • Questions and concerns answered by email.
  • Monthly feedback email.
  • Training Peaks Account set up which will be used to deliver your personal training plan.
  • Your programme will be built around your specific event goals and your current strengths and weaknesses.
  • No set up fee.
  • 6-month minimum contract period.

The Online Personal Training Plan Package is available for any of the following disciplines or combination of disciplines:

  • Road
  • Time Trial
  • Cyclo-Cross
  • Triathlon 

How it Works

  1. Order your personal online training programme from the Mountain Goat Coaching website.
  2. You will receive an email containing a link to an online questionnaire, fill this in and submit your answers. This includes questions about things like your health, goals, any group sessions you would like to include and the date you would like your programme to start.
  3. Your questionnaire will be reviewed, and you will be contacted by the coach if any further information is needed.
  4. A Training Peaks account will be set up for you and the first 4 weeks of your programme will be produced, based on the information you have provided. Training Peaks is the software which will be used to deliver your programme, it’s easy to use and free of charge.
  5. You will be emailed a link to log in to your Training Peaks account and access your personal training programme. If you already have a Training Peaks account which you wish to use, you will be sent a link to click on which will allow you to do this.
  6. During week 4 of your programme your progress will be reviewed, a feedback email will be sent to you and the next four weeks of your programme will be produced. This process repeats monthly.
  7. If you have any questions at any time, simply send an email to info@mountaingoat.bike

If you require a greater level of support, regular feedback and to speak to a coach, then the online personal training programme would not meet your needs, in this case a coaching package would be more suitable.

Click Here to View a Comparison of Personal Coaching and An Online Personal Training Plan

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