Ready to Go Training Plans

For people who don't wish to go down the coaching or personal training plan route but just want a training plan to follow, we are currently developing a range of Ready to Go Training Plans which can be purchased through our Training Peaks store.

To view the Ready to Go Training Plans, simply follow this link. Plan prices are in US Dollars.

To follow the training programmes you will need a Training Peaks account,  however a basic Training Peaks account (which is all you need to get  started) can be set up for free.

All of these training plans are designed for people with less than 10 hours training  time per week (some as little as 6 hours per week). They are designed  for people with busy lives who can't commit huge amounts of time to  training.

If you don't see the Training Plan you are looking for, get in touch, new programmes are in production and may not yet be showing in the store.