Rider Profile FAQs

Q: What’s the difference between the Rider Profile and the DNA Test

A: The 2 key differences are:

  1. A Lot More Data goes into the Rider Profile, including physical test session data and psychometric information from an online questionnaire.
  2. The Rider Profile is a Cycling Specific Product. It includes the DNAFit report as standard but also includes an additional report which provides holistic analysis of your DNA, Current Cycling Strengths and Weaknesses, Life Style and Goals.

Due to gathering a lot more data for the Rider Profile and being able to look at all the information holistically we can conduct more detailed analysis and consequently the advice we can provide increases in detail.

Q: Could my DNA results suggest I won’t be a good cyclist?

A: Not at all! Not all successful cyclists have the same genetic profile, everyone is different and so everyone responds differently to different training methods. There’s no such thing as a bad result from your DNA test. The key is using the knowledge of how your genes interact with one another and the training you do to achieve the best possible outcome for you. There are many different ways to gain a specific outcome, but only certain routes will be effective for you and this is where we can use your genetic profile to cut out years of trial and error.

Q: Will I have to give a blood sample for the DNA test?

A: No, the DNA test is a simple cheek swab to collect saliva.

Q: Where will the DNA test take place?

A: You will be sent the DNA collection kit as part of your induction pack. The test can be completed in the comfort of your own home.

Q: Where will the physical testing sessions take place?

A: The physical tests can be performed using any Wattbike with the new model of the performance computer. You will be supplied with a USB stick to record your results directly from the Wattbike. Alternatively the test can be performed using any other suitable power meter and turbo trainer. Full instructions are included within the data collection guide which you will receive when you purchase a programme.

Q: What happens to my DNA sample after the test?

A: Your DNA sample is securely destroyed at the laboratory.

Q: Are my results and DNA kept private?

A: Yes, your results are confidential and are not shared with anybody outside the laboratory, DNAFit or Mountain Goat Coaching Limited unless you have given prior permission.

Q: Is all of my DNA tested?

A: No, only the genes which have scientifically been proven to be linked to physical performance.